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Dr. Anil Tiwari
Managing Director, SVN University, Sagar

Managing Director's - Message

Human beings, blessed with an organic micro chip called “Brain”, form the most precious resource of a country. Under-development can never be attributed to over-population, if all-out efforts are made to tap and harness human resources in the country. The present governments both at the Centre and in the State lay emphasis on providing skills to the younger generation so that they participate in the developmental process of the nation in increasing numbers. As a part of this vision, encouragement is given to professional education these days so that skilled man-power is produced in the country adequately to bring about the rapid transformation desired in this competitive age.

In a rapidly changing world, mere covering of the formulated curricula will not suffice. Realizing this harsh reality, the SVN University has designed and adopted measures to transform the students holistically by not only imparting quality education, inculcating managerial and entrepreneurial acumen, but also simultaneously shaping their approaches and attitudes. We are confident that our students taught and trained in the aforesaid ambience will certainly stand apart from the rest of their peers.

SVN University has been conceived and established with a view to enabling our youths in this rural and backward region to acquire technical and non-technical competence to the extent of facing the challenges of globalization in the present century. The University’s Governing Body and the faculty are committed to provide quality higher education to our students with sufficient training to develop their communicative and computing skills.

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